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Welcome to Glorious Academy

You have now almost reached another milestone in your life. We say 'almost', because this standard willdetermine your future career; be it a career in Engineering or a career in Medicine- the choice is yours. however you will have to pass through the portal of JEE Mains (Engg. Entrance) & MH-CET(Medical Entrance)

As your must be aware that Central Government has proposed to common single entrance examination for engineering and medical students from 2014 onwards. The introduction of the MH CET an all Maharashtra Entrance Test for aspiring Doctos was the fist steo and now latest announcement of a single JOINT ENTRANCE EXAM for admission to all engineering colleges in India replacing the MHT-CET , IIT JEE , AIEEE , as has been proposed to be named the JEE(Mains) and JEE (Advanced).

It is here that we would like to step in by providing the right coaching. We are staking our claims to be your coach as GLORIOUS ACADEMY . We have privilege of being the pioneering coaching institute in the city and the country.


Managing Director

Welcome to Glorious Academy

As you must have heard about the new format of entrances introduced by HRD Ministry. We at GLORIOUS ACADEMY would like to share our thoughts with concerned parents and future Engineers and Doctors. it is now cedrtain that the pattern of entrance exams has been revised ; with separate all INDIA Entrance exams being declared for Engineering JEE Mains & Advanced.

The syllabus has been considerably upgraded and expanded, due to which young aspirants will now have to spend more time and effort preparing for these exams. One of the key factors being the weight age given to std. XII Board Exams. With your child being in the first batch that will appear for this new format , there are surely several questions and concern in your mind

A new format obviously means there are nobody answers to lot of typical questions that serious aspirant may have.We are well aware of the anxiety that parents and student feel today. With the perspective we have prepared new lecture new lectures schedules , revised study material and exhaustive text series to enable the students to get prepared to the new format. If you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, we look forward to coaching the most determined the most committed aspirants towards achieving their dreams.

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